Issue 3: On Display


Our third and final issue; June 2018.
Beautifully printed and bound on Wurundjeri country in Narrm / Melbourne, Australia.
A5 size, 80 pages.

Cover art by Angharad Neal-Williams.

Featuring the written and visual artwork of local and international artists:
Angharad Neal-Williams
Anne Spires
Anna Lau
Bianca Ferrarese
Cat Mackenzie
Charlotte Mills
Chris Lau
Claire Miller
Darcy Rock
Elena Kissel
Elizabeth P
Ellen Muller
Freya Lauersen
Georgia Bunker
Grace Holland
Hannah Powell
Jamie Lau
Jessi Simpson
Joe Sexton
Kaitlyn Stewart
Katia Pellicciotta
Kyra Gillespie
Lilly McLean
Lucy Curtis
Luke O’Loughlin
Madeleine Toohey
Moni Langford
Nell Houlihan
Rosie Accola
Suzanne Bunker
Tara Presnell
Tegan Lumley
Tim Carroll
Trent Vu
Trudi Treble
Veronica Charmont
Zaineb Mazloum